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Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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The framework

Tale of Paradise
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A thought acts as a cigaret lighter and a fuel tank, it ignites an idea-energy on which it is focused and keeps that idea alive
As long as a thought is focused it fuels that idea-energy and the idea is taking shape.
Imagine a pool of water, when I stir through that water I transfer energy to it and that energy is released through waves with a certain frequency. if more people do the same thing the patterns of the waves and frequency change constantly, influenced by one another.
My stir is the thought creating idea patterns that act as the waves in the water. These frequency patterns interact with other patterns.
Now if I keep stirring in the water the wave patterns increase because there is more energy available and those waves will become more and more dominant in comparisson with the other waves.
This is the framework of creation from an individual viewpoint, of course this not only happens with our conscious thoughts but all available energy in general.

If we compare this with the tale of paradise it seems it is not me doing the stirring, it looks like it from an individual viewpoint, yes, but in the dance of nothing and everything it is a spontanious process. Stirring happens, for no-one, it is totally free. The fact that individuality creates stories with it, is just that what it is, stories being created by and for no-one.
 The solidifing of the idea of Individuality can happen so around 2-4 years old. An  energy concentration builds up and creates its own mini consciousness, the shift from I AM to I am this.

All this happens as a result of the dance of nothing and everything, the dance of the question WHO AM I and the simultanious answer I AM THIS....and this dance is fueled by a love to know itself. The love in this case is a love that we as individuals can not comprehend, it is so  open and so free, that it alows Everything....!

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