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Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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The framework

A thought acts as a cigaret lighter and a fuel tank, it ignites an idea-energy on which it is focused and keeps that idea alive ...
Rob Stiphout | 2/8/2019


Like I said before conciousness is a living, impersonal, energy. Within it arises the idea of individuality. The way individuality works is ......
Rob Stiphout | 13/3/2018

The fountain

When you look at the universe in the form of vibration and energy you can say that the more distant from the 'source of everything' the more it is obscured.…
Rob Stiphout | 16/2/2018

A word of caution

Let me be absolutely clear, the Tale of Paradise has nothing to do with religion or spirituality, it does not explain why this or that happens, it has nothing to do with an…
Rob Stiphout | 21/8/2017


THIS is beyond concepts. Currently you are reading this and aware of the fact that you do that. You probably hear sounds, or see objects like a chair or a table, you feel…
Rob Stiphout | 2/8/2017


when eyes of destruction lay uponreality unwindingas screams turn into songsand horizontal motion fadesloneliness reaches outtransforms into emptynessconfusion into clarityand…
Rob Stiphout | 24/2/2017

Knowing and Wisdom

Knowing solidifies that what can't be known and with it the curiousity for knowledge arises and of course time and so the perspective shifts from I AM to I am this, the birth…
Rob Stiphout | 10/1/2017

The Seeker

For the seeker there are all kinds of ways to lure him or her into the game, the play of seperation is very convincing.There are spiritual leaders who promise you the world…
Rob Stiphout | 1/12/2016

No gain, No....loss!

Now the Tale of Paradise is an interesting story, a likable concept of the non conceptual, so to speak. It can create a sense of curiosity or even the idea of a realization…
Rob Stiphout | 1/11/2016

The science

If you approach the Tale of Paradise from scientific viewpoint you basically end up with the words of Nicholas Tesla who said "If you want to find the secrets of the Universe,…
Rob Stiphout | 16/10/2016

You think?

Descartes said 'I think therefore I am'. What he didn't and could not see was that it wasn't him doing the thinking, thinking happened.. for no-one. More accurate would be…
Rob Stiphout | 15/10/2016


If I told you that everything and nothing arises at the same time, you'd think it's a contradiction, a paradox. The tale of paradise talks about the dance of two angels. One…
Rob Stiphout | 1/10/2016

Optical Illusion

One of my favorite masters of optical illusion is the Catalan surrealist Salvador Dali. In my opinion his true generousness is reflected in his painting Galatea of the Spheres.…
Rob Stiphout | 15/9/2016

Chasing Butterflies

The inspiration for this painting originated from the chorus of Pearl Jam's song "Even Flow". The painting conveys our fascination about what appear to be our own thoughts.…
Rob Stiphout | 1/9/2016
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