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A singular point of consciousness

Tale of Paradise
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Have you ever realized that everything that has ever happened to you happened in a single point in time, a singulair point called now. Do not get me wrong NOW has nothing to do with time or place it is a singular point where consciousness lives.
Let explore this concept a bit further. As an individual it seems like you are moving through life. All kinds of things happen to you during your day. We get up, take a shower, go to work etc. All those moments create a string of events which we divide in minutes, hours , days weeks and so on.
But if you look at it a bit closer you will realise that all those things happend in that singular point of consciousness, now. Even if your thoughts drift away to the past or the future, it always happens in the now.
Basically your whole existence is created in this now moment and there never was any other moment in your life.
What I am suggesting here is that time is an illusion, a tool for us to reference moments that were created in the now. So isn’t it better to say that we are not moving through life but life is moving through us.

The weird thing is that when someone asks you who you are you sum up an accumulation of things that happened and how you reacted during those events. This accumulation we call ‘me’ or ‘I’. It seems that this ‘me' or ‘I' can not be defined without this concept of time, which, we found out earlier, does not exist, it is made up.
Now if we look at it from that other viewpoint it looks like that we are the space in which all those events happen, aware of what is happening of course.
We are living conciousness, aliveness, awareness or whatever you want to call it, not individuals, it just seems like that because somewhere down the line we identified with the things that happened as if they where happening to us. It is a very subtle shift but it kind of twisted our reality from I AM to I am this.

Is this a bad thing? No it is just what is happening. Due to that subtle shift we are left with a feeling that we have lost something. And of course with it comes the need to compensate that feeling of loss by for instance acquiring money, power, sex, turning to religion, addictions or whatever, and that is perfectly OK, you are NOT doing something wrong. In fact, as we saw earlier, you are not doing anything.

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