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Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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A word of caution

Tale of Paradise
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Let me be absolutely clear, the Tale of Paradise has nothing to do with religion or spirituality, it does not explain why this or that happens, it has nothing to do with an individual perspective on the world.
The Tale of Paradise tries to explain the subtle shift from Oneness or THIS into duality, the world of two, the tale of how Oneness is the source for duality.

The individual does only exist in a world of apparent opposites, in a world where there is a you, me, this, that and so on, outside duality Oneness exists (sort of) as one thing. So no you, no me, no this and no that but it IS the source of all that, like how energy is the source of the perceivable world. Energy is embedded in everything we see, hear, smell, touch, think and so on. Now, the Tale of Paradise tries to explain why this energy is a spontanous arising. The result of, let's say, a collision between nothing and everything. This ongoing collision is the base of creation and is fed by a love to know itself through the words 'Who am I' and 'I am this' by the impersonal Oneness.

Oneness is outside concepts, so this is not about some mysterious dimension or a something that can be reached through years of meditation, chanting or whatever...
Oneness is the impersonal source of all that is, there basically is only Oneness, from Oneness emanates two-ness, not as seperate but as the metamorphosis of Oneness, created from Oneness and falling back into it, again and again.

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