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Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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Chasing Butterflies

Tale of Paradise
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The inspiration for this painting originated from the chorus of Pearl Jam's song "Even Flow". The painting conveys our fascination about what appear to be our own thoughts. Through this fascination individuality arises and therefore time as a horizontal motion. The painting shows this veil that leaves us comfortably numb.

This dullness takes us further away from the source, at least it seems like it does. Slowly we create our own fantasy island and forget who we are. This again fuels our search of who we are and thus the story continuous.
Now for everybody who did a little soul searching this is no rocket science. But, if you are familiar with "the tale of paradise" you will see that this is happening to nobody. What I mean by that is that individuality is part of the illusion we call life and life is the only thing that is happening.
No you, no me, just life arising. Within that arises the idea of individuality.

Of course, to the individual this sounds absolutely ridiculous, cause what is being suggested here is that you don't exist as an individual. Well, let me comfort you, this is part of the game 'we' play. This will never be seen as long as the individual is on the throne….

I'm sorry but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

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