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Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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Tale of Paradise
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THIS is beyond concepts. Currently you are reading this and aware of the fact that you do that. You probably hear sounds, or see objects like a chair or a table, you feel the sensation of your bum on a chair or your hands resting on a table or whatever.
What do I mean when I say THIS is beyond concepts. I mean that THIS manifests as one thing. And in this one thing eveything arises, like the sensation of your bum on a chair, sounds, feelings, thought, the idea of a table or a chair and so on.
THIS is ongoing creation it never stops and it never started it is beyond the concept of time. It is so close to you and yet totally obscured, it is nothing and everything, it is not just all there is, it is the only thing that is happening.
THIS can never be seen by the individual and yet it is individuality, it holds all concepts and manifests those through a love to know itself, this love is like a spark igniting a spectacle of light. When THIS is seen it drops away again, and everything starts over again, like an ongoing motion, every minute, second, breath, moment or whatever, it creates and destroys.

This process of creation and destruction is impossible to see for an individual. Because he or she is basically stuck in the concept of two. Although stuck seems a bit negative here and that is not the case.
Therefore we experience THIS as destorted, Plato referred to this as the shadows on the wall, believing them to be the real thing. Basically the individual is the mirror image or reflection of THIS. Individuality is an energetic thing an accumilation of energy creating the filter, or veil of ME. THIS is not happening because of you, the individual, no you are happening because of THIS, hahaha, confusing isn't it? Well like a said before confusion is just one step beyond the threshold of thinking, the gateway to mystery land.

So is all this all a bad thing, is creation failing? Well, no of course, it is exactly as it should be, why? Well, because THIS is free of concepts and THIS is the only thing happening.......

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