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Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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Tale of Paradise
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when eyes of destruction lay upon
reality unwinding
as screams turn into songs
and horizontal motion fades
loneliness reaches out
transforms into emptyness
confusion into clarity
and fuse
and everything
into One

Now if you read the hints I gave you then the last posts probably gave you some kind of understanding of what the tale of paradise is all about.  It is a story about something that can't be explained, again, it will be seen someday but you will not be there. Funny enough it is so close to you that you constantly overlook it and most important it never left you because it is not separate from you, the idea of seperation is part of its appearance.

Now if this is the case what about death?
I will explain this by means of the poem I wrote.
The unwinding of reality is an energetic happening. All the layers 'you' accumulated during your life are stripped away. In this phase people tend to see their loved ones , religious symbolism, go through a tunnel, stuff like that. You know, the mind is very creative. It sees images and tries to make stories out of it, but basically it is grasping at straws in a last attempt to define itself as separate.
Now in that process 'horizontal motion fades'  or the idea of time is lost. Time is just a tool of the mind to keep the 'I' locked behind the fence of seperation. What remains is loneliness, you lost everything, all your ideas of who you thought you were, all the things that defined you. Now that loneliness transforms into emptyness, now I can not describe emptyness but it is an extended version of loneliness without the 'me', it has no bounderies and seems spacious and certainly beautiful beyond words.
Now clarity starts to kick in and everything is being seen in its most true form, by nobody of course! When clarity arises the 'me' is lost completely and Oneness appears to be the only thing happening.

Now like I said, the unwinding is a pretty powerful energetic process. During that process a lot of confusion arises.
This process is colored by the energies that 'created' this individual. So it reflects images that are specific for that 'individual'. That is why a 'person' with a background in buddhism will see symbolism from buddhism, a christian from christianity and so on.... It is the ultimate letting go, except it is not you doing it, it is just happening.

That is basically the whole process of dying and although you will be fully aware of it during the moment of your death, I still am describing the taste of an orange here so don't get hung up on words. Then again it has already happened to you many times you just did not recognize it. Good night and sleep tight!!

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