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Tale of Paradise
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Do we live in a simulated reality

Tale of Paradise
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Scientist are starting to realize that it looks as if matter arises from nowhere forming the building blocks of our physical world. If that is the case is our reality substantial?

Let me explain this by means of the Tale of paradise. The tale speaks about the dance of the two angels. One asks the question ‘Who am I’ the other responds with ‘I am THIS’ . The ‘collision’ of the question and the answer culminates in the present moment, a peak into consciousness, or rather consciousness shaping or molding existence. One of the planes that arises spontaneously is the physical plane, the plane in which apparent individuals perceive consciousness as solid form, or at least it looks like solid form, what I mean by that is that the observer perceives it as solid form. This is just part of how consciousness expresses itself. You have to remember that the observer is part of the equation, in other words the observer, or apparent individual, is just as much part of the expression of consciousness as is everything else around him or her. Basically it is a cat and mouse game of consciousness perceiving consciousness. Like I said many times before there IS only consciousness, everything is made up of consciousness, physical and non physical expressions.

An individual perspective on this is therefore extremely limited, but that is just how the cookie crumbles. As long as you think you are an individual you will never ever see the complete picture. And yes, that is how it is suppose to be, why, you say, well just because, no reason, remember I am talking about a spontaneous expression, how can there be any purpose in spontaneous expression.

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