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Tale of Paradise
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Freedom from mind

Tale of Paradise
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Now in all those hints I never talked about the last sentence of The tale of paradise  'He leaned backward in awe to watch the play evolve and sighed, how could I never have seen this"
Now let me explain this because it talks about a freedom from the mind not of the mind. This is not the freedom we usually talk about, no, I mean a radical different kind of freedom, a freedom totally independent of outside conditions.
The dependent freedom is a conditional freedom, a freedom that depends on for instance your love situation, money, power, health or even the absence of these things.
If you have read all the other hints you probably start to realise that the mind only exists through the conditions it is created by. What I mean by that is that during your life the mind is created through a subset of rules life created for you. This of course is dependent on the situation you live in. If you spend a lot of time in prison for instance, getting out of prison can feel like an enormous freedom, if you have been sick and now cured the mind experiences a great freedom or if you suddenly get very rich or aquire that job or relation you always wanted. This kind of freedom is conditional and will get weaker over time. Of course people can have profound life changing experiencs through this kind of freedom but the reason for this is dictated by the condition you find yourself in.
Now the freedom from the mind I am talking about is unconditional, it is not being determined by outside conditions. A lot of teachings promise you freedom of the mind not freedom from the mind. Now the sad news is that the freedom I am talking about can not be attained, it arises spontaneous. I think everybody have experienced this at some point in their life but it can not be controlled, the moment you realise this kind of freedom it is gone because the mind is interpreting it as something special and in that proces this feeling is conditioned, it is ‘looked’ at through the veil of the mind and since you still think this is ‘your’ mind you loose that feeling again because like I said it is freedom from the mind not of the mind....bummer ey, but that is the way the ball bounces, sorry, then again YOU started this game of hide and seek.

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