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Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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Tale of Paradise
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Like I said before conciousness is a living, impersonal, energy. Within it arises the idea of individuality. The way individuality works is by association.
For example, during your life something happened that created an imprint, a mental image of that event. This is usually accompanied by thoughts, feelings or emotions.
Now this imprint will stay with you, it literally occupies the space who you really are, and every now and then you, actually you don’t do anything it just happens, associate something that happens with that imprint. The accompanying thoughts and emotions are fueled again and the idea arises that this has happened to you some time in the past.
Now, imagine all those imprints as a large board with lights on it. As long as these lights will illuminate from time to time it will keep the idea of seperation alive.

Don’t get me wrong when I say, you don’t do anything, because the ‘you’ is a result of this process, it does not exist without the imprints. The closest thing I can say about this is that You are the impersonal space in which these imprints roam.

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