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Tale of Paradise
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Knowing and Wisdom

Tale of Paradise
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Knowing solidifies that what can't be known and with it the curiousity for knowledge arises and of course time and so the perspective shifts from I AM to I am this, the birth of the apparent individual, as a result the world seems to be a solid place.
So YOU were never lost because the idea of individuality prevents YOU to see your true nature. It is just that you can not unknow the apparent known because this idea is the solid base of duality.
Is this a flaw in creation or does this mean something is wrong? Noop it is excactly as it should be, it just looks like a limitation to the individual. Of course it is not a limitation because THIS does not have the need to define itself and therefore it does not label things, no good and no evil, no right no wrong. Only in duality apparent oposites exist.

Now don't mistake knowing for wisdom. Wisdom is fleeting it can not be contained, basically wisdom is the absence of knowing.
From an energetic viewpoint wisdom is so powerful that there is a strong need for the individual to control this and try to transform wisdom into knowing.
This striving also holds its own motivation even if you practise letting go it is just the other side of the coin, it is basically the same thing. Both practices secure the place of the individual in the center of the play. I am not saying that practising this is a wrong thing to do, absolutly not. I am saying that it does not get you any closer to liberation or enlightenment or whatever you want to call it.
So you see it is impossible to un-individualise yourself or like the tale of paradise says, it is like a cat chasing its own tail. Sorry about that, but YOU decided to play this game of separation.

This paragraph is a bit difficult to read, I know, but if you do not focus to hard on the words itself you can feel that it resonates with you, like you already knew this, THAT is a brush with wisdom and if it does not resonate with you that is Okay too but it will always be like I said there is no gain in turning THIS into knowing.

the knowledge of things
the waves of opinions
feed the private wailing wall
give shape to my existence
the I,
the me,
seem nothing more
than cellophane pictures
in a fragile expo hall
               - - -   Rob Stiphout

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