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Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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No gain, No....loss!

Tale of Paradise
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Now the Tale of Paradise is an interesting story, a likable concept of the non conceptual, so to speak. It can create a sense of curiosity or even the idea of a realization but it will never ever get the seeker one step closer to what he or she thinks what needs to be found, never!!! It is not just words that can not do that, nothing can! Of course there can be a subtle feeling of expansion into boundlessness but it is always the individual who experiences this. And let's be honest, 'you' can and will not stop searching because that feeling that there must be something lost will not go away, and why not? Simple, it is the foundation of individuality, if the seeking is lost, the individual no longer exist.

Individuality can be seen as one of the senses of THIS, an aid to answer the question, 'Who am I'.
Now as a consequence THIS is not interested at all in the individual, that hurts doesn't it?
You see, THIS is impersonal, it doesn't have a story and therefore it doesn't have a path, nowhere to go, everything is as it should be.
The fulfillment for THIS lies in the answer, 'I am this', when the answer is seen, THIS implodes into nothingness so the question 'Who am I' can arise again.

Pffff..... this all sounds a bit 'Star Trek', I know, but it is the 'birds and bees' way of explaining something that can not be explained.

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