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Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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Tale of Paradise
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If I told you that everything and nothing arises at the same time, you'd think it's a contradiction, a paradox. The tale of paradise talks about the dance of two angels. One asks the question 'who am I' the other answers 'I am this'. Of course, angels are a metaphor, not for negative and positive but for nothing and everything. The result is a curiosity between the two leading into a spectacle of light 'we' call life.
Life is the 'moment' in which everything and nothing arises, like a fountain or a piece of firework bursting into many colors in the sky. Then it drops away and the question and answer emerge again, a new moment is born, like a fresh breath.

To explain this I had to write this as a sequential motion, but it is not sequential because it happens outside time. Currently, it seems that an individual, you , is reading this text in a certain environment among all kinds of objects. The idea that you think you are an individual is of course fueled by your environment. There seem to be other individuals around you, stressing the idea that you are a unique individual. So, do all the objects around you, your coffee mug, the computer, even hands, legs, thinking and so on? They all scream out INDIVIDUAL!!

It is this idea that prevents the individual from seeing totality as a whole, life as one single event.
Of course, this also implies that there is no me writing this and no you reading this, it is a total spontaneous event where writing or reading is happening for no-one.

Now the tragedy of this story is of course that 'you' cannot do a thing about it, who is there anyway? As long as the individual is on the throne, this will never be seen. There may be thoughts about this, you can be fascinated with what you are reading or think it is bullshit or just a funny story ,fact is 'you' will never get this. But whatever may arise next, it is always new and fresh it has never ever happened to 'you' before and, most surprising, it has been like that that all 'your life'.

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