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Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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The fountain

Tale of Paradise
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When you look at the universe in the form of vibration and energy you can say that the more distant from the 'source of everything' the more it is obscured. Kind of like the horn of a train coming towards you. In the distant the horn sound lower because the sound waves are stretched out between you,and the source. Now if the train approaches the sound of the horn takes on a higher pitch, not because the source of the sound changes but because the sound waves between you and the horn are smaller, resulting in a higher tone.
The tale of paradise talks about a fountain of light. The vibrations near the source are higher than the vibrations higher up this fountain.
During this emanation these vibrations create plains of reality. The fysical world is one of those plains. It cannot exist without the other plains because it is emanating out of those plains.
Psychic people for instance have the ability to be aware of other plains of reality, they can tap into these, to others, more abstract dimensions.
Now like I said many times before reality pops up and drops away again, like a breathing, in and out, in and out. So all plains are constantly being destroyed and created again in an never ending (and never started) process.

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