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Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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The Seeker

Tale of Paradise
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For the seeker there are all kinds of ways to lure him or her into the game, the play of seperation is very convincing.
There are spiritual leaders who promise you the world when you follow their path.
They tell you to meditate, do yoga, chant mantras, hug a tree, practise inner peace or whatever and when you finally come to the end of the rainbow there is that pot of gold, enlightenment.

Now there is absolutly nothing wrong with meditation, yoga, chanting and so on. You can meditate as many times as you want, I can definetly recommend but if you strive for that pot of gold I will have to disappoint you.
It is not just that enlightment does not exist, no it is that there is nobody here.
Of course from the individual perspective enlightment does exist, but even then an enlightend person is a contradiction in terms, enlightment is the absence of the person, the loss of the idea of individuality, the transformation of I am this into I AM. The key in this transformation is time, or the loss of time, or the need for time to define who you are. When time is lost al what remains is THIS.

So does this mean that life is an illusion, a hologram, a simulation or whatever you want to call it, no, YOU and THIS are the same, there is only THIS!! But as long as the mind is in control the play of seperation continues and THIS will be shrouded! Why? Because YOU can!
YOU are so open that you allow your own limitations, YOU allow seperation and all the joy and horror that goes with it.

Now the tale of paradise has nothing to do with a path or method, it only hints at the nature of everything.....and nothing, and like I said many times before you will never get THIS never, ever!!!
THIS is timeless and it is also time,  it is you and it is also not you, it is nothing and it is everything simoultaniously, it is so open that it is constantly overlooked, by whoom you ask? Well by nobody of course!

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