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Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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There is and always was only Oneness

Tale of Paradise
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Like I said before the tale of paradise is based on a true event.
This 'incident' starts with an outburst of energy moving away from the individual. It seems like energy bubbles floating, from within, towards the surface and then suddenly an explosion of energy shoots outward, a very energetic process, the result is a subtle shift in perspective. It seems as if the perception was always slightly out of focus and now after this event it is in sync.....liberation arises, for no one.

Often the first thing that happens when liberation arises is the realization of 'how could I never have seen this before'. it will actually suprise you how close it was to you. It is beyond thought or actually more before thought. The individual arises beyond that, or at least the idea of individuality. It is also seen, that the individual isn't moving through life but life is moving through the individual, a subtle change in perspective so to say. This has to do with the fact that the concept of time is lost.
Don 't get me wrong, the individual is not gone or dead or whatever, no , the perspective just changes from 'the one who sees' to 'that what is seen by no one'.
Also the appearence of things seem to change. Everything looks so much more alive, everything radiates and all things seem to have a common source.  This aliveness is actually visible it permeates everything.

Everything changes , sounds, sight , touch , movement, your focus, etc it is all experienced more directly more free more energetic more powerful. That is the result of the loss of this wall of concepts which was surrounding you. This energetic wall is a build up of accumulated 'experiences' during your life, it is basically the vail through which the individual perceives the world. This buildup starts around the second year of your life.

Now it might come as a shock to you but liberation itself has no significance at all. Why? Well t was always already present. It is not something that magically appears out of nowhere, it was just obscured by the idea of two.

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