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Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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You think?

Tale of Paradise
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Descartes said 'I think therefore I am'. What he didn't and could not see was that it wasn't him doing the thinking, thinking happened.. for no-one. More accurate would be 'thinking is happening therfore I am not', but in a world where introversion is disguised as extraversion that is a hard pill to swallow.
It is not so much that the thinking is done for you, no, there is nobody here and therefore thinking is happening for nobody. Basically the 'I' is being tricked into individuality, although tricked is not the right word.

It is a game of hide and seek, a play with you as the shining star in the center, a story, and 'we' decided to play it, just for fun.
Of course the mind don't want to hear this. It has goals to achieve, get rid of the ego, attain a peaceful state or get enlightened. It needs to go somewhere to survive, it can't survive without a horizontal motion, time. And that is also the hopelessness of the tale of paradise, the mind cannot dispel itself so it keeps the 'I' locked behind the fence, the fence of horizontal motion, of time.

So it is not that you can not do anything about this, there simply is no one here, just the story happening. Confused? Well you just think you are.

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