Tale of Paradise

Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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The tale of paradise is a story impossible to understand, it's a tale about you, a tale of paradoxes.
I promise you there will come a day for this to be seen but sadly, you will not be there.
Maybe, just maybe you will have a faint sense what the tale is all about but then again, you will never get it.

If you don't want to read it just head on over to my art website and enjoy the paintings, but if you're intrigued stay with me and I will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. If you are curious and want to know even more, please read the hints but first read the tale. Mind you, don't say I didn't warn ye!

It is not that we are One, no, there is only consciousness pretending to be two....!

as eyes of destruction lay upon
reality unwinding
as screams turn into songs
and horizontal motion fades
loneliness reaches out
transforms into emptyness
confusion into clarity
and fuse‚Äč
and everything
into One

--- Rob Stiphout
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