The Tale - Tale of Paradise

Tale of Paradise
a brush with confusion
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A tale of paradise

Once upon no time there was this king. Then suddenly, for no reason at all, he looked into the depths of his existence… Just for fun!
What he saw there was beyond his comprehension. It was absolutely beautiful. He saw this pulsation, kind of like a breathing that powered a wonderful longing to know himself.
It was as if two angels where performing a dance. This dance was only fuelled by the love to know himself. The first angel raised the question "Who am I?" and the other one responded "I am This". A beautiful spectacle of light was a result of this dance, in which nothing and everything arose at the same time.
So fascinated by seeing what is happening, he slowly forgot that he was looking at himself, and a horizontal movement called time took over.   
As this went on this grew on him. In the beginning it was all fun but, slowly he realised he was missing something. He just didn't know what that was but there was this nudging feeling that there was something missing. So he assumed that there must be something lost.
So, he started searching and searching. Although, he didn't know what he was searching for, he kept searching.
His search looked like a path with a beginning and an end. So he tried everything to satisfy this nudging feeling and although it sometimes worked for a short period of time nothing seemed to work permanently.
In desperation, he lay down one day, and suddenly out of nowhere there was this burst of energy that appeared to move away from him and look……THIS appeared again.
Suddenly, he realised that he never lost anything, it just appeared so. There was the realisation that the search was like a cat chasing his own tail. There was nobody in the first place and everything that had happened was part of a spontaneous expression to know himself. There was never anything lost, even stronger it was always so close, so obvious that he had completely overlooked it.
He realised it was his love, his fascination that started this illusive play of separation. He leaned backward in awe to watch the play evolve and sighed, how could I never have seen this.

Did you really understand

Okay, it's not a very long tale. But, who cares! You, probably, would not read that anyway, I wouldn't and everything that needs to be said was said. If you think this story has a happy ending, you probably need to read it again, because it's a tale deprived of any hope, it's the story of your death. You don't believe me? Ask yourself this question……Am I really reading this?

Again, the hints will take you deeper into the rabbit hole....
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